Conifer Lodge Residential Home

Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon payment of the fee, Conifer Lodge undertakes to provide the resident with accommodation, full board, personal care and a full laundry service.
  2. Additional facilities can be provided, for an extra charge, and include
        • Chiropody *
        • Dentist *
        • Optician *
        • Hair dressing
        • Newspapers
        • Telephones installed in the bedrooms
        • Social outings and shopping trips
      * If not available from NHS
  3. Residents are responsible for purchasing their own clothing, toiletries and TV license if they own and use their own television. They are also encouraged to bring personal items of furniture such as an armchair, dressing table, chest of drawers or wardrobe. Any electrical item brought into the Home is subject to testing on a yearly basis, in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations.
  4. Residents' personal belongings should be insured by the owner, as Conifer Lodge cannot accept responsibility for any loss, theft or damage.
  5. Conifer Lodge reserves the right to change the resident's room as the need arises, in consultation with the resident.
  6. Fees shall be paid in advance by banker's standing order every 28 days. Conifer Lodge may vary the fee by giving one month's written notice. In the event of the resident requiring hospital treatment, the proprietor will reserve their room for six weeks at the full charge, reducing to 90% until the resident is re-admitted to the Home.
  7. Transport to hospital will usually be provided by the Health Authority. However, in cases where the resident prefers private transport, the cost will be borne by the individual.
  8. Should the resident wish to make a complaint, the Complaints Procedure can be found displayed in the Home.
  9. Either party can terminate the Agreement by giving one month's notice in writing.
  10. In the event of a resident's demise, the next of kin will make the appropriate funeral arrangements. However, should contact not be possible, then the Home will instruct a local Funeral Director to make the necessary arrangements. Any expense incurred will be the responsibility of the resident or the relatives if there are insufficient funds in the resident's estate. Any alternative arrangement must be notified to the Manager before admission.
  11. All residents are advised to make their wills before entering the Home; the Manager should be given details of the resident's solicitor.
The Management reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions by giving one month's notice to all relevant parties.

Conifer Lodge 33 Aylestone Lane Wigston Magna Leicestershire LE18 (0116) 288 3170