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The Values We Possess to Ensure Quality Care

We pride ourselves on being a family run care home, with family values embedded into our nature. To maintain this nature throughout the home, we ensure our staff all possess the following values.


At Conifer Lodge, we see ourselves as one big family and work together to bring the best possible service to our residents.


One of the key motto's in our home is to 'treat others how you would want to be treated'. We always give our residents the same respect we'd give our own family members and ensure everybody feels they are valued as an individual and keep their dignity at all times.


We demonstrate our caring nature though our words, actions and choices. It is at the forefront of our hearts and minds to give confidence and belief to others that we care at all times


A relationship should be built on trust and from the very moment somebody steps through our doors, a rapport is built to ensure both residents and visitors can confide in our team whenever they need to.


No matter what an individuals circumstance may be, everybody is treated with dignity at all times. This starts from the moment residents wake up, as our staff are mindful of the little things such as always knocking before entering a residents bedroom.


We go the extra mile to say or do something special for our residents. We notice the little things that makes us all unique. We have pride in ourselves for our own personal development.

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